The Yanos Plug: Amapiano to The World

Amapiano is a genre born on the soil of the streets of South Africa. The genre has been around for some time but started gaining popularity in 2017 for its bright jazzy style.

The genre used to be called ‘Number’ then MFR Souls came up with the name ‘Amapiano’ which means ‘the pianos’, in Zulu, but there is more to its composition than the name implies.

Amapiano started as instrumentals in the begging. Kabza De Small added vocals then the whole game changed. It is the first time a genre of our own has dominated airplay more than International songs.

The Yanos is another name for Amapiano dubbed by the South African Hip-hop, trap culture who also enjoy the genre. Some have crossed over to making Amapiano music and have become bigger artists.

The Yanos Plug aims to be the heart of Amapiano. To spread the gospel of Amapiano to the world. Put new, unfound talent on the map and aid producers, artists, DJs and The Yanos lovers to connect and keep everyone interested up to date.

Amapiano Classics:
Yellow Yellow – Calvin Fallo
Iskhathi (Gong Gong) – Kwiish SA ft. Macfowlen & Vukani
Umshove – Kabza De Small ft. Leehleza