The Yanos Plug, founded in 2019, is more than just a movement; we are a passionate force dedicated to pushing the infectious rhythms of Amapiano to every corner of the globe. From the heart of South Africa to the furthest reaches of the world, we are here to make you dance, groove, and embrace the magic of Amapiano music.

The Yanos Plug is all about breaking barriers and building bridges. Our mission is to showcase the Amapiano culture by collaborating with artists from diverse backgrounds and genres. By fusing unique musical flavors, we aim to create an unforgettable experience that transcends borders and unites people through the power of music.

At The Yanos Plug, we believe that true talent knows no boundaries. We are committed to providing a platform for undiscovered gems, the rising stars whose melodies are yet to be heard. Through our network of industry professionals and dedicated enthusiasts, we scout, nurture, and bring these artists into the spotlight, giving them the recognition, they deserve.

While preserving the authenticity of Amapiano, The Yanos Plug also strives to entertain and captivate the masses. Our carefully curated playlists and electrifying events promise to keep your feet tapping and your spirits soaring. Get ready to be immersed in the pulsating beats, infectious grooves, and soul-stirring melodies that define the heart and soul of Amapiano.

Whether you’re an Amapiano aficionado or a curious music lover, The Yanos Plug welcomes you to be part of our growing family. Follow us for exclusive releases, behind-the-scenes insights, and updates on the latest Amapiano sensations. Let’s embark on this thrilling musical journey together, as we set the world alight with the electrifying sounds of Amapiano.



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Amapiano is a genre born on the soil of the streets of South Africa. The genre has been around for some time but started gaining popularity in 2017 for its bright jazzy style. The genre used to be called ‘Number’ then MFR Souls came up with the name ‘Amapiano’ which means ‘the pianos’, in Zulu, but there is more to its composition than the name implies.

Amapiano started as instrumentals in the beginning until Kabza De Small added vocals then the whole game changed. It is the first time a genre of our own has dominated airplay more than International songs. Yanos is another name for Amapiano, dubbed by the South African Hip-hop, trap culture who also enjoy the genre. Some have crossed over to making Amapiano music and have become bigger artists.

Amapiano Classic Songs:
Yellow Yellow – Calvin Fallo
Iskhathi (Gong Gong) – Kwiish SA ft. Macfowlen & Vukani
Umshove – Kabza De Small ft. Leehleza