Johannesburg, October 26, 2023 – Mr JazziQ, a trailblazing figure in the Amapiano music scene, is set to follow up his successful 2022 album, ‘All You Need Is Piano,’ with a new EP titled ‘All You Need Is Piano II.’ This sequel, released under the theme “Tumelo Vs Mr JazziQ,” delves into the enigmatic realm of the Amapiano sub-genre Mozambique, a distinct sound cultivated by his record label, Black is Brown.

‘All You Need Is Piano II’ is now accessible for streaming on various digital platforms.

This EP unveils the multifaceted talents of Mr JazziQ, who wears many hats as an Amapiano DJ, entrepreneur, podcaster, and producer. The project introduces a narrative component, featuring a conflict between two versions of Mr JazziQ: Tumelo and Mr JazziQ. This storyline, inspired by Halloween, comes to life through a 9-track EP that seamlessly blends the Amapiano and Mozambique sounds.

The DJ provided a sneak peek of his upcoming EP on social media, sharing the reasons why “you need Piano.”

Mr JazziQ is renowned for his unique ability to discover and nurture raw talent, transforming them into music superstars through his record label, Black Is Brown Entertainment. The lead single, “Hamba Naye,” released on Friday the 13th in 2023, is no exception, featuring emerging talents like Jandas, Justin 99, Pcee, and Mozambique prodigy MaTen.

Commenting on the single “Hamba Naye,” Mr JazziQ explained, “The song was inspired by Pcee and his nightlife experience. It narrates the story of a girl who was initially supposed to leave with us but ended up leaving with a friend of ours instead of Pcee.”

Fans can anticipate fresh sounds from Mozambique and an introduction to the new artists under the Black is Brown label, such as Jandas.

Mr JazziQ shared his thoughts and a synopsis of the EP, stating, “I’m excited to release this new EP. We intentionally chose this time for the release because we believe that the music we create is inspired by Halloween. Mozambique’s vibe is dark and mysterious, and we wanted to use this opportunity to showcase how different and suspenseful our sound is. You’ll notice references to this in songs like ‘Baya Hlanya,’ ‘Hercules,’ and ‘Chants Of Moza.'”

He humorously added, “I took on the role of Jason from the movie ‘Friday the 13th’ because I feel he’s a misunderstood character in a world of darkness, and unlike him, I’m not going against Freddy. Ke JazziqvsTumelo uyangthola mos chommie.”

For a closer look at “Tumelo Vs Mr JazziQ,” you can watch it here.

‘All You Need Is Piano II‘ is available for streaming on all digital platforms, listen here.

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