M.J Reflects On ‘Wafa’ Debut & Collabs: 25K, Kelvin Momo, & More

Hailing from Pretoria, M.J, an Amapiano vocalist, officially enters the music world with the release of his very first debut single ‘Wafa.’ In this exclusive interview, we delve into the inspiration behind the hit song and explore M.J’s music journey as he ventures into new music and collaborations with renowned artists like 25K, Kelvin Momo, and more

1. With your current hit single, ‘Wafa’ which garnered much attention, can you take us back to the inspiration behind the song and how it came about?

‘Wafa’ is an old song. I just sampled it from an old song by Freddie Gwala titled, ‘Ufile’. Then we hit the studio and that’s how everything came about. 

2. How has the reception been since dropping your debut single, ‘Wafa?’

People are receiving it well and it feels good because it’s my first single out, I have never had a single out. It was exciting but I was nervous at the same time about how the interaction was going to be. It wasn’t easy for me to release, I had to close my eyes and just put it out there and yeah I just need to work on new music.

3. Speaking of new music, our sources told us you’re working on an EP, what can we and your fans expect?

I planned on not releasing an EP this year, but, I just thought you know what let me just put more music out there. What catches, catches. I want to give people the Soulful and Groovy side of M.J. 

4. Initially, which sound did you start out with, has it always been Amapiano?

I started with Soulful House like the Soulful side has always been there, that’s where I actually come from. Even before then, I was in school choirs creating that African and Soulful sound. Which led to being a Deep House vocalist, I felt like it wasn’t moving the way I expected it to, and that’s when I jumped to Amapiano. 

5. So we know M.J as a featured artist on most people’s songs, so how did you gain traction from that only and not having released your own song?

It just happens, I get called to the studio, I get there and I rock. Then luckily, that verse catches fire and they notice me and that’s how I started working with most artists. That’s how it’s been happening throughout these two years and it’s been a long time and I don’t know why I waited this long to release my own music, but I believe everything has its own time. 

6. Who do wish to work with now seeing that you have worked with the likes of Focalistic, Pabi Cooper, etc.?

Actually, I have already started communicating with people I would want to feature and work with, and it’s going to be strange for some artists or for some listeners and fans. I want to tap into the Master KG vibe. I am also looking at numbers. You know, as an artist, you must look at things that will work for you. For future features I have 25K, siPitori has to be there, currently in communication with Kelvin Momo

7. How do you stay creative and decide who you want to work with in your projects, what inspires you?

I look at what people do and I am inspired, they do this, and I want to do it better. Obviously in a pure spirit. I get inspiration from people around me and I listen to Old School music like Kwaito, Hip-Hop, and Gospel, I listen to everything. 

8. With your future features, such as 25K, are you hopping on Hip-Hop?

Not entirely, I have Hip-Hop songs that I haven’t released and I still think I will work on more music but for now, I want 25K to hop onto Amapiano because we have seen that side of him already. 

9. Where do you see yourself a couple of years from now? 

In a couple of years, I want to inspire, I want to be an artist where people see the purpose of life, “If this guy can do it, I can also do it”. I also want to travel the world and become the biggest thing. 

10. What are some of the challenges and lessons you’ve learned in this industry?

When I first got into this space I learned that this thing is bigger than us, and if you let the hype get into you, you can lose it. Don’t be influenced, stick to who you are and what you do. The biggest lesson for me is to stay focused and disciplined. 

As M.J continues to inspire and explore new horizons, M.J’s dedication to his craft serves as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Stay tuned for more soulful and groovy melodies from this rising star


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