Soaring from the Heart of the Township to the Airwaves with ‘Faki Ewallet’

Oblamo x 108 Moruti

‘Faki eWallet’: From Township to The Airwaves. Two rising stars have captured the hearts of listeners with their infectious beats and captivating storytelling. For those yet to encounter their unique sounds, let us introduce you to Oblamo and Moruti 108. Hailing from the township of Alexandra AKA Gomora. These artists have teamed up to deliver a banger that resonates with their roots while making waves far beyond their local boundaries on ‘Faki eWallet”.

Oblamo and Moruti 108: Township Talents Making Waves with ‘Faki eWallet’

For people who don’t know you, who are Oblamo and Moruti 108 and where are you from? 

Oblamo: “I’m Oblamo, representing Gomora. I dropped my debut single ‘Gomora’ in November last year, 2022, and it’s been an upward journey since.

Moruti 108: “I am also a township boy from Alex, I grew up here together with Oblamo, and for the love of music we are here today. Ke Moruti “teacher” and with the digits 108 that completes it because those are angel numbers.”

You recently collaborated with The Yanos Plug, Studda, and Moruti 108 on a track titled ‘Faki eWallet.’ Could you share the inspiration behind the song?

Oblamo: “One night in the studio, Studda came up with the concept. I remember a lady kept asking him for eWallets, and we just thought, ‘Hey, why not make a song about it?’ The beat was playing in the background, and as soon as I mentioned ‘Faki eWallet,’ we ran with it. That’s how the song’s concept was born.”

Moruti 108: “I sent the beat, and when I heard the lyrics, I was all in. It’s a hit, and FNB should take notice.”

108 Moruti
‘Faki eWallet’ translates to “send eWallet” in English and centers around the FNB eWallet service. Can you elaborate on how the song conveys this theme?

Oblamo: “I’m the kind of artist who tells stories, and this song certainly does that. It tells you about sending an eWallet, what happens when you do, and why you should. What’s unique about it is having Studda, who’s French, on the track. It adds a unique international flavor, making it relatable not only in South Africa but even in France.”

Moruti 108: “FNB is the only service using eWallets, so it aligns perfectly with the theme.”

You released the song on Women’s Day, is there any significance behind that? 

Oblamo: [Smiles] “On Women’s Day, the bros had to do the right thing and send eWallets. That’s why we dropped the song on that day. Nothing brightens up the day like an eWallet.”

What unique elements does each artist bring to the song and how do they complement each other having talked about Studda’s French verse bringing a touch of uniqueness? Also, what contribution does The Yanos Plug bring?

Oblamo: “Moruti 108 is a producer, and The Yanos Plug is a movement, so collaborating with this platform amplifies the song’s impact and reach. The Yanos Plug’s involvement is significant, and we anticipate great things because together, we’re part of the movement. Additionally, it’s worth noting that The Yanos Plug also creatively directed the song and meticulously planned the rollout, adding an extra layer of expertise and innovation to this collaboration.”

Can fans and listeners expect a music video in the future? If so, what can they anticipate in terms of visuals?

Oblamo: “Yes, of course,  there’s a surprise coming through in the coming months. Trust and believe the visuals are going to be fire! Not only that, but we will also be dropping more music with The Yanos Plug.

Any plans for upcoming performances and gigs, and where can people stay updated?

Moruti 108: “Stay tuned for a lot more. Regarding gigs, follow us on our social media platforms to stay in the loop and find out about our upcoming events.”


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