Bontle Smith’s Musical Evolution: ‘This Is Me’ EP Marks a Bold Leap into New Sounds

South African songbird, Bontle Smith is a name that resonates with diverse sounds and boundless creativity. Known for her viral hit ‘Lerato,’ Bontle Smith is not one to be confined by expectations or genres. With her latest offering, ‘This Is Me,’ she aims to redefine her identity in the eyes and ears of her listeners showing her true self.

Exploring Musical Identity: Bontle Smith’s Journey in ‘This Is Me’.

1. You have an EP out now titled, ‘This Is Me’ which is self-explanatory, but can you tell us more about how that came about?

“A lot of people know me for “di pina tsa straata” and other people know me for singing, so I wanted to show that I actually do both. So ‘This Is Me’ is me explaining myself musically, for people to know that I am not boxed into this one specific type of sound.”

2. Your focus or lead single is ‘Dipula’ Why that song?

“That was the first song I did for the EP, and I really loved it, I loved the end results of it so I figured maybe I should make that the lead song. But, also because I hardly write in my own language, that was the first song besides ‘Lerato’ that I’ve written in Sepedi.”

3. How did the title of the lead song ‘Dipula’ come about?

“It’s nothing specific but it’s something that’s relatable to everybody. But I sometimes create scenarios and start writing from that. So taking reference from the song ‘Lerato’ which is the continuation, that’s how ‘Dipula’ came about.”

4. What made you decide to continue the story rather than remake it?

“Mainly because ‘Lerato’ was written in Sepedi. First I wanted to make a remix of ‘Lerato’ then I was like NO! Let me rather not and make something new, which would be a continuation from that other song.”

5. As mentioned, your EP is said to showcase both your soulful and street sound. How did you balance the two while creating the EP?

“The first three songs which are soulful are cohesive, and the other three are straata but are also cohesive.”

6. Can you share some of your experiences working with artists like, Chely, and TNK MusiQ who feature in your project?

“I can say I was really blessed to work with people who actually understand me, like every single session that I’ve had, regarding those songs, we were just flowing. There was never a time where I was doing something and the other one did not get it. It was just smooth sailing, Obviously, it was a lot of work and a bit of sleepless nights but yeah.”

7. How did you decide to have these specific artists on your project?

“With Sihle and TNK it wasn’t really planned, I was in the studio and they were there and we decided let’s all work on something. The songs were not planned to be on my EP but after we did the songs I was like “Guys let’s do these songs, I want them on my EP” and the rest of the songs I did in Tyler ICU’s studio. I worked closely with Cooper SA, he was helping me with the melodies and we’d just work together.”

8. As an artist, how do you feel or think you have grown since your last release?

“I’ve grown a lot. I think for me having to drop in such a long time, I was really just trying to find myself. I know some people have been like I’ve been quiet and stuff but I haven’t. I’ve just been featuring in other artists’ songs etc. but not necessarily doing something that’s mine. Sometimes you just want to take some time out and figure out what it is that you want.”

9. What emotions and thoughts did you have when prepping for the release of the EP?

“The anxiety was killing me from when I hadn’t released it and I am excited, it’s all those mixed emotions and now I’m glad that it’s happened. I am also proud of every single song that I produced on the EP.”

10. Any future projects coming up?

“I am already in the studio and I will be coming back with a bang until people get tired of me because they’ve been saying I’ve been quiet so now I’m back.”

Bontle Smith’s ‘This Is Me’ EP is a testament to her artistry and the uncharted territories she’s exploring within the music world. With a blend of soulful melodies and street sounds, she invites you on a journey of self-discovery and creativity. Don’t miss out on this musical experience – dive into her world and explore the depths of her talent. Stream ‘This Is Me’ now at and immerse yourself in her captivating new sounds. Your musical adventure awaits!

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