When it comes to the term “The III Wise Men,” many minds would immediately associate it with the biblical story of the three wise men. But in this case, we are talking about the Amapiano sensations Felo Le Tee, and Mellow & Sleazy. The three men are taking the music industry by storm with their unique sound.

In an exclusive interview, Felo Le Tee shares some insights on the making of their EP, titled The III Wise Men, and gives us a glimpse into the creative process behind it.

Felo Le Tee

The Unexpected Creation of “The III Wise Men” EP

The EP wasn’t planned initially, but it was something that Felo Le Tee, Mellow & Sleazy always wanted to do. It all started with a studio session where they worked on the two leaked songs, “Gedlela” and “Midnight Prayer,” which led to the idea of a joint EP.
Felo Le Tee shares that he would like to have more joint EPs with Mellow & Sleazy in the future. Making it an annual tradition that adds a unique twist to the Piano culture.
The creative process behind the EP was all about collaboration and experimentation with different sounds. He emphasizes, “The main goal was to create a new sound while incorporating as much musicality as possible, giving it a groovy sound that people are used to.”

Mellow from Mellow & Sleazy

Felo Le Tee’s Take on Social Media’s Influence on Today’s Music

When asked about his thoughts on social media’s influence on music, Felo emphasized his focus on creating music that will stand the test of time: “I am trying to build a legacy so even when I’m not here I want people to still tune into my music as if it’s still new or fresh. I am here to give you beautiful music, it’s not only about the hype and Tik Tok though we can’t run away from the fact that it moves the sound but I’m actually putting in the work.”

Sleazy from Mellow & Sleazy

The Themes and Messages Explored in “The III Wise Men” EP

The themes and messages in this EP revolve around spirituality and culture. Felo shares that every track in the EP is more of a prayer, and the title “Midnight Prayer” speaks for itself. It is a representation of the culture where midnight prayers hold great significance for Black people.

How “The III Wise Men” Got its Name

The name “The III Wise Men” comes from his love for spirituality and his belief in the wisdom of Mellow & Sleazy. “They are constantly pushing themselves to greater heights and generating new and innovative sounds that inspire me to create something unique”, says Felo.

In a few words, Felo Le Tee describes the EP as innovative, with the ability to create a new sound that sets it apart from others.

What Fans Can Expect from Felo Tee in the Future

When asked about what fans can expect from him going forward, Felo Le Tee remains tight-lipped about upcoming projects but hints at some exciting things in the works.

In summary, The III Wise Men is not just an EP, but it’s a reflection of the creativity and innovation that Felo Le Tee, Mellow & Sleazy bring to the Amapiano scene. The collaboration not only creates a new sound but also showcases the cultural significance of music in Black communities.


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