Breaking into the Music Scene: TNK MusiQ’s Journey to Fame

TNK MusiQ is an Amapiano music duo from South Africa consisting of two members, Tumelo and Khathu. They started making music together in 2020 and have since collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including DBN Gogo and DJ Maphorisa.

Having started their music journey late in 2021, TNK MusiQ is an Amapiano music duo from South Africa who have been making music together since 2020.

TNK MusiQ is known for their unique blend of Amapiano beats with elements of other genres which makes them a versatile pair. The duo has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music scene. They have garnered a significant following with their performances.

Their latest track, “Masterpiece,” is their second collaboration with DBN Gogo and features a unique blend of Amapiano beats and Sgubhu elements. The duo has also recently announced their collaboration with DJ Maphorisa on the upcoming track “Wetsalang” and their plans to release their debut EP in July.

How did you blow up into the scene?

We blew up via “Bells” with DBN Gogo, people didn’t really know who we are until the song. It was the first song that put us on like that.

Behind the Scenes of “Masterpiece”: The Making of TNK Musiq’s Hit Track

Since “Masterpiece” is your second collaboration with DBN Gogo, how did you guys come up with this one?

“Masterpiece” was made around the same time “Bells” was made. But we couldn’t drop it back then because there were a lot of complications. So, we decided to drop it this year.

What was the creative process behind “Masterpiece”?

It was all in a form of a movement when we were always in the studio, and “Masterpiece” was made like any other song.

How did the name “Masterpiece” come about?

[Chuckles] Yoh! When we worked on the track, we were like it sounds like a masterpiece, so why not call it a “Masterpiece”? We didn’t really put much thought into it, we just went with what came to mind at the time.

Can you say “Masterpiece” is one of the best tracks produced apart from all the others you have produced?

T: For me, “Masterpiece” is a song that leads to the other songs that are coming. It’s an introduction of what is yet to come especially because we had just signed with Sony Music so it was that kind of thing.

How different is it from the tracks you’ve produced?

It’s more chilled, has a bit of Sgubhu but it’s relaxed. Whereas the previous songs would cater more to the streets.

Collaborating with the Biggest Names: TNK Musiq’s Partnerships with DBN Gogo and DJ Maphorisa

What can you tell us about your recent post on Instagram regarding your working with DJ Maphorisa on the song “Wetsalang”?

We are working on the Wetsalang together, and Phori is planning on dropping the song. Then there’s another one we are going to drop on our side called, “Woza Madala”.

The Future of TNK Musiq: Plans for an EP, a Compilation, and International Gigs

Any future plans you’d like to tell us about?

In June, we’re going out of the country, we’re going to the Netherlands, that’s our first gig out of the country.

7 July, we are dropping our debut EP and around December we are going to drop a compilation with the boys that are signed under us.

The Partnership with Sony: TNK Musiq’s Deal and Their New Artists Under the Label

Tell us about your record label.

We signed a partnership with Sony things are still underway but it’s a 50/50 deal, with 11 artists

TNK Musiq is a rising Amapiano duo with a unique sound and a promising future in the music industry. With their growing popularity and undeniable talent, TNK is poised to make a significant impact on the Amapiano scene and beyond.



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