Bacardi & Amapiano Sound Pioneers Return with a Bang

Bacardi & Amapiano sound pioneers Mellow & Sleazy, also known as “Bafana Ba Kwa-kwa,” have released their highly anticipated fourth EP, “Midnight in Sunnyside 2,” on April 20th, 2023. This follows the success of their previous EP, “Bacardi Fest,” and showcases their unique style of seamlessly blending Bacardi sound with piano elements.

The album features collaborations with notable artists in the Amapiano scene, including 25K, Focalistic, TheBuu, and Lastborn Diroba. In addition, Mellow & Sleazy have teamed up once again with frequent collaborators TmanXpress, DJ Maphorisa, ShaunMusiQ, and Ftears, to create a fusion of Amapiano and Bacardi sound that is sure to captivate listeners worldwide.

At their exclusive listening session, the duo showcased the diverse range of sounds on the album, including groovy dancefloor fillers, irresistible beats, and catchy hooks. “Midnight in Sunnyside 2” is available on all major music platforms, and fans can expect to be taken on a musical journey that defies expectations.

True Pioneers in the Industry

Mellow & Sleazy have also revealed that they plan to make the release of a new project on April 20th, also known as “4/20”, an annual tradition to celebrate Mellow’s birthday. This latest EP is a testament to their creativity, versatility, and dedication to their craft.

The album’s lead single “Tesha” featuring TumeloZa, LeeMcKrazy, TyroneDee, and TitoM has already been well-received by fans and critics alike, with its infectious beat and catchy hooks. Other tracks on the album, such as “Sjeso Sa Ma Groetmane” featuring 25K, Focalistic, TheBuu, and Lastborn Diroba, and “Kwelinye” featuring Keynote, demonstrate Mellow & Sleazy’s ability to curate a star-studded album with unparalleled musical prowess.

At the exclusive listening session, the duo was honored with plaques for their previous single achievements, including “Wenza Kanjani” going Platinum, “Chipi ke Chipi” going Platinum, “Zwonaka” going Gold, and “Amasango” going Gold. This is a testament to their impact on the Amapiano genre and their continued success in the industry.

A Seamless Fusion of Amapiano and Bacardi Sound

Overall, “Midnight in Sunnyside 2” is an electrifying project that showcases Mellow & Sleazy’s unique blend of Bacardi sound and piano elements. Their innovative approach to music production and their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of the Amapiano genre has established them as true pioneers in the industry. Fans can expect to be taken on a musical journey that transcends genres and defies expectations.

Stream Midnight In Sunnyside 2 Here.

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