Kabelo Pooe, stage name Kay Invictus, is an Alexandra-born producer and DJ who fell in love with music at a young age and decided to bite the bullet and pursue his passion. In 2018 he released a joint EP with LennonPercs titled ‘The Throne.

His single ‘Mduva’ was playlisted on major radio stations and was the soundtrack for one of the biggest award shows in the country. After signing with Black Is Brown, Kay Invictus says that everyone should be ready for all the amazing music that he has.

With his new and long-awaited EP, titled 0202, dropping on the 29th of July we met up with Kay for a chat:

How did the name Kay Invictus come about?

“Kay” comes from my real name, Kabelo, and “Invictus” means undefeated in Latin. Whatever challenges come my way; I make sure that I remain undefeated.

My musical journey was tough at first but after finding my sound I realized that only hard work, effort and staying true to myself is what it is going to take to reach new heights.

How did you meet Mr. Jazziq?

Jazziq and I go way back, we grew up in the same township, Alexandra in Johannesburg, South Africa. We would hang out from time to time when we meet up in the streets.  We then grew an interest in music, individually.

So I was doing my thing and so was Jazziq. There came a point when he saw that I was serious about doing music so he offered me a deal. However, he had been pursuing signing me since 2019 but I wanted to try it on my own first. I finally signed in October 2021.

How many artists are signed to Black Is Brown and how was it decided that you got next?

There are about 10 artists signed to Black Is Brown. I have been showing them that I am ready to go out there and give people what they want, which is music. I was always working, producing, and sending them songs.

Did you or do you have a backup plan, something to fall back onto if the music did not work out for you?

No plan B, this is all I know. I have always been surrounding myself with people that are into music. My uncle was a DJ and my dad was a huge collector of music. So, coming from a family that has so much love for music instilled a passion for music in me.

Tell me more about your upcoming EP, 0202. What inspired it, what is the message behind it and what should people expect?

I am dropping 0202 this coming Friday. The tittle is derived from my birth date, I was born on the 2nd of February. This is my first EP, 8 tracks, so I wanted to give people the opportunity to listen to my style of music and get to know me better through the rendition of my story.Nkosi Sikelela is more of a spiritual song, Uthanda Bani is soulful song and Ama Bozza is for the streets! Some of the notable features include Sizwe Alkaline, M.J and F3 Dipapa.

Coming from a Family that loves music; your dad being a huge collector of music and your uncle being a DJ, when did you realize that you want to push music and how did you start pursuing your dream?

I realized that I want to do music at a very young age. I would follow my uncle to his gigs and stand next to him, watching him play. I realized then that this is really what I wanted to do. I even used to mimic him and pretend to be playing on the CDJs.

I studied Sound Engineering in varsity, so I started learning how to produce songs, in 2015. Josiah De Disciple helped me make my first song from scratch in 2018.

A few years down the line I taught myself how to DJ by watching YouTube videos and mixing with Virtual DJ.

As a Gent from Alexandra, Gomora, there is a lot of unfound talent there. What kind of advice would you give to aspiring artists, producers, and DJs?

Have patience and stay humble when you become popular. Keep on working hard and pushing because when it is you time no one can take that away from you, do not give up even though the music industry is tough. No matter what you will have your ‘Halala’ moment.

Where would you love to see your career in the next 2 to 3 years?

Where would you love to see your career in the next 2 to 3 years?

I would love to see my music travelling the world. I think it is better for people to know my music first before me.

For the ladies, is Kay taken?

Is Kay taken?! Hahaha…. Yeah, Kay is taken, yes. Lol



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