Ulazi, Image: Instagram/ @u_lazi

21-year-old Kabelo Ramokgola, known as ‘Ulazi,’ is a DJ and producer born and bred in Alexandra. He started music in 2016 as a DJ and then met Busta 929 in 2019, which paved the way for his career as a music producer. Like most kids in most townships, football was his first love. He was a promising prospect but decided to move on to music as there were no scouts/agents available to take his football career to the next level. We hosted ‘uMfana ka Ma’ on our Instagram Live show, Yanos Chats and the conversation went a little something like this.

Which artists inspire you?

Black Coffee and Shimza are the people who I look up to because they are reaching pinnacles that I hope to reach one day.

How did the song ‘Ulazi’ come about?

We were all at Mr. Jazziq’s studio in Alexandra, 9umba created the beat, then Zuma, Mpura, and the gents jumped on it. Zuma decided to sing about me on the hook, and it was catchy so we ran with it.

How is your relationship with Amaroto, Zuma, and Reece Madlisa?

They are my big brothers, people that I look up to when I work with them, I feel more inspired. They push me to be a better artist.

What are you currently busy with?

I have recently dropped ‘Mguzuguzu’. Currently working on my album Umguzu Land, dropping on the 29th of August. I am almost done with it, finishing off mixing and mastering. I have worked with Mfana ka Gogo, mostly, and the up-and-coming talent that’s under my new record label.  

Ulazi, Image: Instagram/ @u_lazi
What made you register a new company?

A lot of people dub us as liars and dishonest when we discover and work with fresh, new talent. I want to do everything by the book. I do not extort people; I work fairly because I want all parties to be happy.

For now, I have not signed any talent though I have guys that I am working with. I am currently scouting; I want to form a strong team.

Which are your favorite songs from your upcoming album, Umguzu Land?

I love all my songs; I will leave it to the people to tell me which is their favorite song. Just like with Gijima, I was not sure, but I worked and released, the rest was history, and it is doing well.

You started DJ’ing in 2016. What type of music were you playing then?

 I have been playing Amapiano ever since I started to be a DJ. A collective of artists in the Yanos game, right now, only joined the Amapiano wave recently when it started gaining popularity.

What do you think of the Amapiano wave lately?

It is good and exciting that the movement has gained traction internationally, the love is amazing. People’s lives have been changed for the better. The Yanos are playing their part in fighting unemployment in South Africa.

Which country would you like to be booked in soon?

Australia, so that I can catch one of the Australian Open tennis tournament matches after my gigs.

Listen to Ulazi’s latest single ‘Gijima’ from his EP, Mguzuguzu.

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