Junior Taurus, whose real name is Tshepo Mosidi led the way to the end of September on a soulful yet sobering reality for many women in South Africa. With his first single ‘Umfazi’ featuring the powerful vocalist Cnethemba Gonelo off his latest EP titled ‘Time’.

‘Umfazi’ is dedicated to all the women, mothers, daughters, and sisters that have fallen victim to abuse.

When talking about the song, this is what Junior had to say, “Umfazi loosely translates into Ufa Azi, meaning you die knowing. A woman dies knowing, with all the red flags and signs there, her nurturing demeanor will without a doubt lead her into a losing battle.” Listen here.

The music producer told The Yanos Plug that he thought he was going to become a singer when he grew up. But to his surprise, he could not sing to save his life.

“I actually thought I was to become a singer, I thought I could sing and that’s what I thought I was going to do when I grew up. But I learned that I couldn’t sing to save my life,” he said.

The next best thing for him was to get into production which fell in love with by default. This is because he was always surrounded by people that wanted to do music but had no one to do their beats. This was back in the day when hip-hop was trending and everyone wanted to be a hip-hop artist.

“I think I really love hip-hop, I like to acknowledge what it has done for the musical culture in SA because a lot of people might think that we are where we are because of Amapiano. But there are other genres that put us on the map, [from] back in the days,” Junior Taurus expressed.

The one song that put the artist on the map is a song that he released before ‘Mamelodi’, which had people talking. A song called ‘Runaway’.

However, ‘Mamelodi’ was a big success story because of how different it is and how it speaks to the current situation. The hit banger’ featuring the lovely Lady Zamar, publicly introduced the Amapiano big wave.

Essentially, it takes only one person who is willing to challenge the status quo and do something different from the rest. That is how the birth of the Amapiano sound came about. Which also paved the way for many people’s careers.

This is why we cannot put a finger on who started the revolution of Amapiano. “Like I always say, nobody can say they started or created anything because of the big wave,” said Junior.

During the interview, the producer added that this is how music production works. You take something and make it your own, hence maybe a lot of artists feel entitled to the ownership of the genre.

So, the big question is where has Junior Taurus been? Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:

“In fact what was happening is that I just got tired. I mean this happens with most producers, you get tired of chasing the trend because Amapiano as it is, is forever evolving.”

Mosidi added that “there are new styles of Amapiano almost every month,” and as a producer who constantly wants to keep up with the trend. It means you are fighting a losing battle.

In other news, we are glad to see him back on the streets. Better yet, with a new single, ‘Umfazi’.

“I was always drawn to soulful house, I’ve always been drawn to songs that have messages, songs that people can relate to and evoke an emotion when you listen to it. So Umfazi is a very spiritual song and it tells a story of the hardship of women, that women endure.”

Junior Taurus gives us a glimpse of the sound of the EP with this first single Umfazi. The transcendental live instruments, paired with the featured artists, seamlessly complement the sound with captivating vocals.

Having worked with the talented Cnethemba Gonelo before on smash hits iKhaya and Unoqutiko, this is what he said about working with her:

“Cnethemba is an amazing artist, such an old soul at her young age. She reminds me of a time when everything was possible, she’s a beautiful storyteller.’Her captivating voice evokes powerful emotions and can relay the messaging beautifully.”

The title of the EP comes as a result of time having its plans, Junior Taurus had planned to release a full body of work in September.

Talking about the title, this is what he had to say “I was scheduled to release my life-long work in September but time had other plans, I guess it was not the right time.” Trust the timing of your life, a saying that is often used to encourage one while navigating through life. He continued to share; “Create your lane, play your own songs, build your own fan base, and more importantly create the space you want to live in, for time is not guaranteed.”

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