The Soweto-born identical twin brothers, J&J Twins started exploiting their music careers in the year 2001. Way back! They managed to work their way up, alongside many other upcoming artists and performed at local events. This is how they earned their stripes following their performance at the Soweto TV studios in 2009.

J&J Twins have made it through tenacity, brilliant tactics and aggressive unbridle enthusiasm. Especially in the music and sports industry. Together, they have coached children and the elderly, in squash. This includes some of the giants in the industry, the likes of Somizi Mhlongo, and Babalwa Mneno, just to name a few.

Since the publication of their demo tape back then. They decided to interchange their lyrics to the new age kwaito genre. Which we now refer to as Amapiano.

Who are the J&J twins?

Jonathan & James Letlake (45) who prominently go by the J&J twins are an Amapiano duo. Who originally hail from Soweto, Chiawelo.

When did your music journey start?

In an interview with the twins, they told us that their music journey started way back in 2001. That’s how long they’ve been in the music scene

Why music and not anything else?

“We grew up listening to music a lot and the funny thing [is] we use to imitate Twins – Shona Phansi,” J&J said

When did you decide to jump into the Amapiano genre and how has that experience been for you?

It seems as though many artists are jumping on the bandwagon and being part of the big wave of Amapiano. The Letlake twins however tapped into Amapiano in the year 2019, before it even became bigger than what it is now. This is when they met LuudaDeejay and started working together.

The pair also added, “We ventured into Amapiano cause the genre is making waves all over the world cause when we started we started with Kwaito.”

What makes you stand out from the rest of the Amapiano artists?

Speaking to the publication, the twins filled us in on how different their sound is compared to the rest. They are unique in a sense that they did not remove the element of Kwaito from their genes. Instead, J&J Influenced it in their music with a touch of Jazz too.

What are you currently up to and what are some of the projects you have done?

The duo is definitely putting in some work from what we have seen and this is what they had to say:

“We released a single called Lipitsa and a music video and now we’re about to release a Brand New Single called Woza and a EP Project,” said the duo.

Which artists have you collaborated with so far?

For their previous single they collaborated with LuudaDeejay and Sthukzin, and now with the E.P project, “we have a handful of artists LuudaDeejay, Sthukzin, Lil Kay, Power, Twana and Tlatsa Mood,” just to name a few.

Any fun facts that we need to know about you guys?

J&J twin play squash professionally and they are also coaches for the Correctional Service. How dope? We must say, it is rare to find Amapiano artists who are also playing sports professionally.

How did you guys come about liking the same thing (music) and started working on it?

“We like the same things cause were’ twins one and two we grew up together never apart,” they said.

What’s it like working together?

“Working together it’s a match made in heaven ‘cause we keeping it in the family.”

We also asked what were their thoughts regarding twin artists and they told The Yanos Plug that they think it is a perfect combination. Simply because they understand each other better than anyone else. Which goes without saying, Even we wish we had twins, lol!

J&j Twins x LuuDaDeejay ft Sthukzin – Lipitsa

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