Acclaimed Afro Soul and Pop artist Phila Dlozi is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, “Babekazi.

This poignant track comes just in time for his highly anticipated unplugged show scheduled for this Sunday in Melville Johannesburg. “Babekazi” follows the success of his previous single, “Impilo,” featuring 031, and continues to showcase PD’s powerful storytelling and musical prowess. Fans may also remember his hit single “Idlozi Lam” featuring DJ Maphorisa and Soa Matrixx, which solidified his place in the music scene.

Phila Dlozi, known for his unique approach to sharing his music through busking, delves deep into the emotional narrative of “Babekazi.” The song tells the heartrending story of an orphan left in the care of an aunt, Babekazi. Despite being entrusted with the orphan’s inheritance, the aunt uses the funds to provide for her own children, leaving the orphan deprived and neglected. The cousins enjoy the benefits of private education and a comfortable life, while the orphan struggles, attending public school and lacking necessities.

Phila Dlozi explains, “Babekazi” is a very special song and very close to my heart because it reflects a reality many African homes face. I conceived this song two years ago but hesitated to release it, unsure of how it would be received due to its sensitive and touching storyline. It sheds light on the plight of orphans who, after losing their parents, find themselves in the care of relatives who prioritize their own children over them.”

Inspired by the stories of numerous orphans who have experienced similar fates, Phila Dlozi hopes “Babekazi” will spark meaningful conversations within communities. He urges the African community and others facing such issues to recognize and address this cruelty, advocating for the protection and support of vulnerable children.

“No child should be punished for the death of their parents or made to feel alone,” Phila Dlozi emphasizes. “By not standing up for them, we are failing them. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that every child is cared for and supported.”

“Babekazi” is now available for streaming and download.


Join Phila Dlozi this Sunday in Melville for a moving performance of his latest work and other beloved tracks.

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