Friends Of Amstel Is Back!

Amstel is back again with #FriendsOfAmstel taking place, in-person, on the 4th of December 2021. A Reunion like no other, with Grammy Award winning artist Wiz kid!

Friends of Amstel is an annual Music Festival held in South Africa aimed at bringing old and new friends together through the celebration of music. The last time the event was hosted as a physical event was in December 2019, before the pandemic. Since then the event has been hosted as a virtual event.

Amstel continues to celebrate true and honest friendships while creating new ones because timeless beer is best enjoyed with friends responsibly.

Friends of Amstel has proven to be able to take form in different formats. It has been a physical event, a Master Session Series and now it’s a virtual event too.

Building up to the main event Amstel SA has been hosting a virtual event every Saturday at 17:00 CAT until December 4 on Channel O. These episodes are really creating Fomo for the viewers at home.

To win tickets to see your favourite Amapiano acts, Wizkid and the rest of the friendship circle on 4 December live on stage, buy any Amstel and dial *120*132#! Tickets are not for sale. See you there.

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