Rising Star Justin 99: From Soccer Dreams to Amapiano Success

Exploring the journey of Justin 99 and the impact of Black Is Brown Entertainment in the South African music industry

Black Is Brown Entertainment, the record label re-introduced by hitmaker Mr JazziQ, has been responsible for some of the biggest tracks of 2021 and 2022. When asked about the plans for the label, Mr JazziQ said, “Specifically, I want to turn the label, Black is Brown Entertainment into the biggest label in the world. Not just a label in South Africa – but the biggest in the world.”

One of the talents signed to the label is Justin 99, a fun and energetic artist who is known for his surprises and energetic performances. Justin 99 came into the industry through his friend Frost, who was trending for a video, with his song on it, and caught JazziQ’s attention .They met up and he played them his music, JazziQ was impressed with Justin 99’s music and signed him to the label.

Justin 99’s stage name is a nod to his real name and his heritage. He explains, “My real name is Justin actually. But I had to change my name on Instagram, it was something else which I won’t say [lol] because I used to make trap before, so it was a trap name. So, when I switched it, I said let me just stay true to myself than to use my trap name. So, let’s just say Justin something, and that’s when Justin 99 was birthed. I’m coloured, and when you say 99 it means ‘really’ so Justin 99 means it’s really, actually Justin 99.”

Justin 99’s journey in Amapiano music began in 2019, when he was inspired by the success of artists like Kabza De Small and the Yanos. He explains, “My boys who are actually from my kasi. I used to play trap beats and they told me to stop doing these trap things, I must stop being like the people overseas, we are in the hood and be for the real people. I then took the risk and ever since then it’s been going good.”

If it weren’t for music, Justin 99 would have pursued a career as a professional soccer player. However, his passion for music ultimately won out and he decided to focus on his music career. He says, “Soccer is at the back, unfortunately. I’m trying to take my music journey to the next level. I still love soccer but obviously music took over and I’m more passionate about music now.”

One of the highlights of Justin 99’s music career so far is his compilation with Black Is Brown, which includes the hit song “Mozambique”. He explains, “When I first went out for camping for [the production of the song] ‘Mozambique’. I think it was after I sorted everything out with my contract and spoke to my mom. So, we organized to sleep there for three weeks and in those weeks, I slept there, in the first week I made ‘Mozambique’ and ‘Dlala 99’, and I went home the weekend after that, and I came back for something.”

“Mozambique” is a song that reflects the energy and creativity of Justin 99, as he explains, “The story is pretty simple. We were loadshedding and I actually wanted to produce that song before loadshedding hit and I slept. As soon as the lights went on, I went to the computer and started working because usually during loadshedding everyone runs their ideas and immediately when it gets back, we start working.”

Black Is Brown Entertainment is a record label that is quickly making a name for itself in the music industry. Led by hitmaker Mr JazziQ, the label boasts a roster of talented artists, including the rising star Justin 99. Justin 99’s journey into the music industry is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and staying true to oneself. He went from making trap music to finding his true passion in Amapiano, and has since become a vital member of the Black Is Brown family. With his fun and energetic performances, Justin 99 is sure to make a big impact in the music world in the coming years. His story, as well as the success of Black Is Brown Entertainment, is a reminder that with perseverance and passion, anything is possible.

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