The group has released its first single titled “Habit” featuring and in tribute to their late close friend Killer Kau.

Swazi Goons International is a brotherhood movement birthed by Albert “Brown Shugela” Zungu and Mxolisi “Blaq Makoya” Mlotshwa Ndlandla with Thabang Triiio Trapiano Simelane as one of the brothers. Born in the kingdom of eSwatini.

The two brothers “Blaq Makoya” and “Brown Shugela” went to primary school together in Eswatini and were part of a music band group as an extra-mural activity that was compulsory. Music has been a part of the lives of the brothers since childhood with inspirations from many kwaito stars such as Msawawa, Mapaputsi, and just the whole Kwaito movement of storytelling.

They met with the talented producer named Thabang “Triiio Trapiano” Simelane in Soweto 2021 and they have since been working on new music. The group has released its first single titled “Habit” featuring and in tribute to their late close friend Killer Kau. May he continue to rest in power.

Habit single cover, Image: Instagram/ @swazigoons_international
What is Trapiano?

Amapiano seems to be emerging rapidly and now there’s a genre called Trapiano under the same umbrella. According to Swazi Goons, Trapiano is self-explanatory, it is the infusion of trap music with Amapiano.

When explaining the sound Trapiano to the publication, Triiio Trapiano who is the producer, said it’s from the way he creates instruments, making beats, and melodies using scales to create a relatable and entertaining sound.

“The melodies, the scale we use for making beats. So, from beats to vocals, the stories we tell, it’s like a trap.”

How did the concept of Trapiano come about, what made you think of infusing the two genres together?

Triiio Trapiano is an ex-producer of trap music. He wanted to try something new and with Amapiano being on the move, he saw it fit to jump on the bandwagon. Joined with the musical and vocal brothers, who used to be hip-hop and trap artists, Blaq Makoya and Brown Shuga linked up with the producer to create this unique sound.

“I never thought that I would join Amapiano, but when I started freestyling on the beat, I felt so big and bold, I just wanted to do more,” said Blaq Makoya.

Information reaching us has revealed that you have joined the Sony Music family, how do you feel about that?

“It feels like a dream come true being part of a whole big brand like Sony Music,” Blaq Makoya responded.

Brown Shuga added, “I am very happy to be part of SMEA Family, at some point it makes me feel like the next big thing in Africa.”

“It has been a long time coming. It’s the biggest highlight of my life right now,” Triiio concluded.

Swazi Goons, Image: Instagram/ @swazigoons_international
How has your musical journey been from where it started to where it is now?

Triiio had to give his honest opinion and say it’s been a hell of a ride. Given that he has been producing music for 8 years now, it’s been a bumpy road. From one sound to another, but at the end of the day, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If there’s anything in the industry that you would change, what would it be?

“The music level can change the game. For me, it is just basic standard,” said Triiio.

What Blaq Makoya feels about today’s music is that it’s taking away the realness of the sound. Telling stories and sending a message. It appears that many of the Amapiano songs are too focused on the beats rather than the vocals.

“You wake up thinking of your granny chasing you out of the house and then you record a video. Producers pull through, and record…then you say that’s music because you’re trending. When we make a follow-up as an artist, we find that there is nothing there. It was a spare of a-moment thing,” Makoya expressed.

What is it that Swazi Goons International will do differently in that aspect?

As Swazi Goons, the main aim is to try to change the game and introduce the culture of music. To tell a story from the beginning to the end.

“It must feel like writing an essay, remember from school, intro, body, and conclusion. Different emotions must come when you’re playing our music,” they said.

Congratulations on your single, Habit, what inspired the song?

Habit started off as a conversation and later into a song. “Ba bhema ihookah pipe, iya trenda, ‘that’s a habit.” That’s where it all began, and a friend of the group suggested that they record that and that’s how it came to life.

The single shows a glimpse of the party lifestyle and culture of Amapiano. In encapsulating the whole movement, Swazi Goons capture this in their lyrics, ‘ama savannah, ama Tik Tok trend nama Spotify ama iPhone, yi habit weh ma”.

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