From humble beginnings in Mamelodi to breaking into the South African music scene, the Lowkeys share their journey and plans for the future

The Lowkeys are a South African music production and performing artist duo that specializes in Amapiano and house music. Founded in 2017, the group is made up of two members: lead singer and producer Mongezi Mashabela, better known by his stage name “Big Zee”; and Ofentse Gama, better known as “Q Unlimited”, who is a producer and DJ.

The Lowkeys/ Instragram: @the_lowkeys012

The duo hails from Pretoria’s Mamelodi neighborhood and have known each other since high school. They joined forces to form an alternative Amapiano/House group called “The Lowkeys”.

With multiple hits under their belt, their latest single “Van Damme” debuts Q Unlimited on the mic for the first time and showcases Big Zee’s style of rap evolving into more of a kasi rap flow. Known for his smooth melodies, BoontleRSA compliments the beat effortlessly, along with other featured artists such as Tye Waves, K.O.B, Skizo, and Novatron, who all bring their A-game to the song, making “Van Damme” another certified hit.

Their new single “Van Damme” reflects on the challenges the group has faced and overcome. They also worked with up-and-coming artists on this track, and they’re committed to giving back to the community by offering opportunities to other emerging artists.

The group took a two-year break to focus on themselves and their music, and now they’re back and better than ever. They’re not limiting themselves to just Amapiano and plan to release other genres in the future.

The Lowkeys have big plans for the future, and their fans are in for a treat. The duo is set to release their highly anticipated album “Don’t Press Play” on January 27th, 2023. This Friday, fans will finally get the chance to hear the full body of work that the group has been working on. This album is sure to solidify their place in the South African music scene and leave fans wanting more. Be sure to mark the date in your calendars and don’t miss out on this exciting release from The Lowkeys.

Big Zee/ Instragram: @the_lowkeys012

In an interview, The Lowkeys were asked about their background, their comeback, their challenges, their future projects and plans and about their latest single Van Damme:

How does it feel having come back into the scene and released your latest single Van Damme?

We’re thrilled to be releasing new music again after a two-year break. We’re pleased with the positive response we’ve received and excited to continue building on that.

What is the reason for your long break?

We faced a lot of internal challenges and wanted to make sure we were creating music that we were proud of. We took the time to focus on ourselves and explore new possibilities for our music and our approach to the industry.

Mongezi Mashabela aka Big Zee
Big Zee / Metro FM
Speaking of new music, do you only focus on Amapiano or is there more?

We’re full of surprises! We’re musicians, and we have plans to release hip-hop and R&B tracks, among other genres. We don’t want to limit ourselves to just one style of music.

So, people should expect more from the Lowkeys in terms of different genres?

Yes, we want to explore new sounds and opportunities for collaborations, both domestically and internationally.

Since there are only two of you left in the group, do you have any advice for upcoming music groups in the industry?

We encourage other artists to pursue their own vision and goals, even if that means going solo. We are still good friends with our former member and look forward to hearing his music as well.

Ofentse Gama aka Q Unlimited
Q Unlimited/ Instragram: @the_lowkeys012
Can you say that your new single “Van Damme” is a banger?

Absolutely, it’s the perfect song to get people dancing and enjoying themselves this holiday season.

Why the title ‘Van Damme’?

It best describes the challenges we’ve been through and challenges we’re still going through. Even with the tough times, we are still going to prosper and the sound of Amapiano is banging so its firing.

Who are some of the well-known artists that you worked with so far?

On this song we worked with up and comings, a lot of dope artists that are coming up like Boontle RSA etc. The very same way we were granted an opportunity as up and coming artists, we are also doing the same. If we were not given that opportunity, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Can you take us through the production process for the single?

It was so fun; it was something like a camp. We were boxed into one house. I think for about two weeks, straight productions, five producers and lots of vocalists. It was not just one track but a lot of projects that we were doing. So, more bangers can be expected.

Overall, The Lowkeys are a rising force in the South African music scene and one to watch in the future. They’re breaking down barriers and forging their own path, and they’re not done yet.

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