Music these days can’t exist as just an island. Social media has changed how people consume music and share their excitement for their favourite sing along.
This new music culture has proven to be fun for the fans but detrimental for the artist as it might be the difference between having a good song or a massive hit that crosses markets and borders.

I was looking back at hits that broke records and became viral sensations on the internet. From Jerusalema by Master KG to Umlando by 9umba, we have witnessed how a challenge can take a song to greater heights.

We zoomed in on the core factors that play a role in the success of the song’s challenge:


The apps (Twitter, TikTok and Instagram etc.) used to share the music, and these videos that become viral are essential for a successful challenge. It’s necessary to use the proper channels, as some allow for more virility compared to others. For example, using Facebook might get your family and friends to share your content, but it doesn’t have the same viral opportunity compared t

Quality Production

It goes without saying that before anything else before considering anything else, first and foremost, the music needs to be of exceptional quality. There is no acceptable excuse for not having a song that is not produced and appropriately mastered. Many software programs are available to help one create a great quality track.


This part is important; what makes videos go viral is how much the audience can relate to them. We all know that FOMO drives people and makes them want to join the wave. Making a video go viral could be achieved by connecting it to a current trend or slang that is new and fresh.

Youth Market

Whether we like it or not, these apps, such as TikTok, are dominated by teenagers. And the reason is not that deep; they have all the time to spend 10 hours creating a 30 second TikTok video. Your team needs to consider this in your strategy when it comes to the nature of the viral challenge. The arguments presented above attempt to create a framework of guidelines, but they are not a formula, as a recipe does not exist. No one knows what the next international viral sensation will be and from where it will come. So be creative, have fun and let fate have its play.

@mahen.limbu Jerusalema Dance Challenge | Austrian Airlines ✈️ #jerusalemachallenge #austrian #austrianairlines #österreich #österreicher #tiktok #austria ♬ Jerusalema (feat. Nomcebo Zikode) [Edit] – Master KG

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