Mellow & Sleazy and TManXpress Drop an Emotional Hit ‘Ukhathele’

Mellow & Sleazy, alongside TManXpress, are once again making waves with their latest hit single, ‘Ukhathele.’ This emotionally charged track, featuring the exceptional talents of MashBeatz and MDU aka TRP, takes a departure from the typical love-themed releases, offering a poignant narrative about heartbreak and a weary woman in a relationship. Led by TManXpress on vocals, the song is now available on all digital platforms.

Tsiliso Tman Molokoli aka TManXpress


Building on the success of their 2023 EP, ‘Boroko Keng,’ which included chart-toppers like ‘Kwelinye’ featuring TManXpress and ‘Wang Compromisa,’ Mellow & Sleazy aim to captivate audiences once again with ‘Ukhathele.’ TManXpress, known for his deep and relatable lyrics, takes the spotlight in this track, infusing raw emotions into every word. The collaboration with MashBeatz and MDU aka TRP adds a layer of musical finesse, creating a sonic masterpiece that promises to leave a lasting impression

Following the high expectations set by the success of ‘Kwelinye’ and ‘Wang Compromisa’ from the ‘Boroko Keng’ EP, Mellow & Sleazy’s latest release, ‘Ukhathele,’ is poised to become another chart-topping sensation. The duo’s ability to blend infectious beats, evocative lyrics, and stellar collaborations ensures a compelling musical experience for listeners.


As Mellow & Sleazy continue to carve their niche in the music industry, ‘Ukhathele’ stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering authentic, relatable, and emotionally charged music. To witness Mellow & Sleazy and TManXpress redefine the narrative of heartbreak in contemporary music, you can stream and download ‘Ukhathele’ now

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