Apple Music Unveils DBN Gogo as the Latest Isgubhu Cover Star

Latest Isgubhu Cover Star

Apple Music Isgubhu Cover Star: DBN Gogo

Apple Music proudly unveils DBN Gogo as the newest cover star for the Isgubhu playlist. Showcasing her talents as an Amapiano producer and DJ. The playlist serves as a reflection of her musical journey. Featuring a mix of personal favorites and influential African dance classics. “This playlist is a reflection of who I am and the type of music I make, that inspires me and that I listen to,” she tells Apple Music. “It includes some of my favorite work that I’ve produced and some African dance classics that have influenced my sound and career.”

In an expression of gratitude, DBN Gogo acknowledges Apple Music for their unwavering love and support. Emphasizing her deep connection to the world of house music. “A big shoutout to my fam at Apple Music for all the love and support. Honored to be chosen for the second time. House is my home,” she tells Apple Music.

DBN Gogo, also known as Mandisa Radebe, draws inspiration from her rich cultural upbringing, rooted in Durban. However, her formative years in Pretoria, the birthplace of Bacardi, significantly influenced her eclectic sound. This cultural sponge effect is evident as she emerged as a willing ambassador, propelling Amapiano onto the global stage.

Since the release of her debut track “Khuza Gogo” in 2021, DBN Gogo has solidified her status as one of South Africa’s most unique and exciting artists. Her latest EP, “Click Bait” (2023), available on Apple Music, showcases her versatility within the Amapiano genre. This sonic atlas seamlessly incorporates elements of Afrotech and old-school EDM, demonstrating the adaptability of Amapiano.

“A big shoutout to my fam at Apple Music for all the love and support. Honoured to be chosen for the second time. House is my home,”

To celebrate her feature on the Isgubhu playlist, DBN Gogo has curated an exclusive selection of tracks that hold personal significance to her. This adds a unique touch to the platform, aligning with Apple Music’s commitment to spotlighting African Dance and Electronic music.

Dbn Gogo Click Bait


Launched in early 2021, Isgubhu stands as the definitive home for African Dance and Electronic music on Apple Music. The Zulu word “Isgubhu,” meaning beat, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this platform. It pays homage to evergreen genres and honors African artists who have played a pivotal role in shaping the global Dance and Electronic scene.

Isgubhu goes beyond being a mere playlist, encompassing various curated collections. “Spotlight On” focuses on boutique labels such as Soul Candi, House Afrika, Stay True Sounds, and Uganda’s Hakuna Kulala & Nyege Nyege Tapes. Additionally, “Isgubhu Voices” highlights the best Dance and Electronic tracks featuring vocals, adding depth to the diverse musical landscape celebrated by Apple Music.

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