Vusi Nova changes his name again?

Vusi Nova started trending on Thursday morning as it was revealed on Twitter by Phil Mphela that he has changed his name, once again, to Snova.

Vusi Nova introduced us to Snova earlier this week on Instagram as he announced that he would be dropping a Yanos’ banger titled Shuku Shuku ft. TheologyHD. He went all out with Snova even changed his whole look, topped off by a jerry curl-ish hairstyle.

As you might imagine, the Twitter streets got filled with mixed emotions. Some people expressed that Vusi Nova is a household name. He could ruin it just for releasing an Amapiano song. On the other hand, some believed that the track would be a hit as he is a talented vocalist.

What we might be missing is that Vusi Nova did not change his name. He has unleashed his alter ego Snova. Reason, the South African rapper, now goes by the name of Sizwe Alakine. We have seen some international artists do this- Beyonce with Sasha Fierce.

What are your thoughts?

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