Johannesburg, 15th December 2023 — Mellow & Sleazy, the dynamic duo synonymous with the infectious Bacardiyano sound, proudly announces the release of their much-anticipated 6-track EP, ‘Boroko Keng.’ The EP is now available on all digital streaming platforms (DSPs). Inviting listeners to embark on a sonic journey like never before.

Boroko Keng ‘ marks a significant milestone in the musical journey of Mellow & Sleazy, following the resounding success of their chart-topping singles Kwelinye & Imandi Lento. The EP features the hit single ‘Wang Compromisa,’ a collaboration with the talented ghetto gospel rapper Focalistic. Foca is a frequent collaborator with the duo. This single is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of the Bacardiyano sound and Focalistic’s distinctive Pretorian rap style.

The project includes the sensational track ‘Imanadi Lento,’ which has already garnered widespread acclaim and will be a pivotal part of the EP. Additionally, the EP showcases the duo’s versatility with tracks like ‘Netflix,’ featuring TumeloZA. ‘Netflix’ not only dominated local charts but also catapulted Mellow & Sleazy into the international music scene.

Guest features on ‘Boroko Keng‘ add an extra layer of musical brilliance. LeeMcKrazy, a chart-topping artist and Tumelo_ZA, renowned for his contribution to Tyler ICU’s ‘Mnike,’ joins forces with Mellow & Sleazy. Creating a diverse and engaging listening experience.


The duo has consistently demonstrated their prowess in the music industry. Staying true to the Bacardiyano sound that has become their signature. With a string of hits to their name, such as ‘Abo Mvelo’ alongside Daliwonga, ‘Kwelinye’ featuring TmanXpress & Keynote, ‘Nkao Tempela’ released with Ch’cco, and ’16 Days No Sleep’ with Focalistic & DJ Maphorisa, Mellow & Sleazy are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

As they continue to climb the charts and infiltrate the global music scene, Mellow & Sleazy have consistently demonstrated their ability to create music that resonates with audiences globally. ‘Boroko Keng’ is a testament to their dedication and innovation, showcasing the evolution of their artistry.

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