Cristyle: Pioneering a Unique Musical Journey of Tenacity and Innovation

Cristyle, a musical virtuoso, is forging his unique path to success, embodying the adage that breaking away from the crowd is more rewarding than getting lost in it. Hailing from the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, Cristyle, known affectionately by his fans, harbored an innate desire for extraordinary achievements since childhood. Juggling roles as a singer, songwriter, and film producer, Cristyle’s journey is a narrative of resilience and determination, destined to inspire future generations.

Despite his natural aptitude for singing and songwriting, Cristyle faced the challenge of finding composers capable of crafting intricate R&B melodies that complemented his tone. Undeterred, he taught himself music production, showcasing both adaptability and perseverance. Recognizing the diverse opportunities within the music industry, he established a company in 2016, focusing on music publishing. His extensive library, comprising thousands of songs, has been featured in national and online TV/film projects.


Facebook: Cristyle Sifiso Mkhwanazi

Twitter: cristylesa

Cristyle, a multi-talented filmmaker, collaborates with his team to produce remarkable projects, demonstrating an impressive work ethic. Despite encountering numerous challenges, he remains committed to making a substantial impact in the music industry, with an eagerly awaited project on the horizon. This upcoming venture features collaborations with esteemed figures like house music legend Harrison Crump and the emerging songstress Tembie Craft.

Notable among Cristyle’s achievements are:

  • Over 2,000 licensed songs for film studios.
  • Noteworthy contributions to major productions such as Rhythm City, Generations, and Mzansi Magic.
  • Ownership of a publishing company dedicated to promoting emerging artists.
  • Business partnerships with Sheer Publishing Company and The Zoo Ent. record label.
  • Anticipation surrounding his forthcoming 8-track EP, marking his debut official project release as an artist.

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