S’tukzin Da Djay and DJ 787 have joined forces once again and released a new track titled ‘Ispharaphara,’ featuring contributions from popular artists Sizwe Alakine, Kid X, and M.J. Now, we can all agree that Amapiano is the biggest contributor of new music globally, and with this track on our playlist, we are not missing out one bit. Each passing day brings forth an influx of fresh tunes, further solidifying the genre’s position as a driving force in the music industry.

This time around, S’tukzin Da Djay takes the lead, accompanied by the skilled DJ 787. Their previous collaboration with Major League DJz, Bangz Musiq, and DJ 787 in August last year, titled ‘Bangladesh Maza,’ left an indelible mark. They return with ‘Ispharaphara’ once again, which, in our ears, does not disappoint and sounds fire! We had the honor of interviewing Stukzin Da DJ about his latest hit and future prospects.

Check out the interview below:


‘Ispharaphara’ Single Cover
When we first heard the song, the intriguing part came with the title of it, ‘Ispharaphara.’ How did that come about?

I don’t know about you guys, but growing up, I was naughty, and basically, during my childhood, we would climb at the back of a moving truck, van, or even buses these days, so that’s what we call ‘Isparapara,’ and that’s the name of the song.

As mentioned, does the song hold any significant meaning, seeing that it’s a concept taken from your childhood?

Not really, I was just having fun, and that’s how the concept of the song came out.

How did the collaboration with the biggest names in the industry come about?

I first created the beat with Sizwe Alakine being the only person who would hop on, then the next thing he was like, “naah, let’s do more,” and yeah, that’s how we ended up with Kid X and M.J., and he was like, “release it,” which was one of the best things ever.

Reason aka Alakine
Sizwe Alakine
What was the creative process like for you in creating this track?

It was great, to be honest with you because I never expected my beat to have such talented artists on it—big names. For me, that’s too crazy, especially for my age, and it’s a push for me to create more and more hits, definitely going strong, don’t worry.

We are getting a sense that this was a shift from what you’d normally produce in terms of genres. How was it different this time?

I used to make Private School House music, and that’s what a lot of people know me for, but as time went by, I realized that it has its own people, names like Kelvin Momo, you know. Then I was just like, “Naah, let me just jump on Straata once,” since it’s the biggest thing going on now. So it was just a shift, and I won’t lie, it’s working.

What can we expect from you going forward, any more surprises?

I’m going back to Private School, and once in a while, I will be releasing tracks. I’m also releasing an EP this July, so stay tuned for that because it will be a banger after banger.

What do you think of the Piano wave, and you as an artist having to join the bandwagon?

Amapiano is the biggest category in the world right now, and being able to make a Piano beat is not easy, but it’s amazing to be a part of. Now that Piano is broad, I’m hoping to be as broad as it is.

So a little birdie or you can say our research informed us that you have aspirations to collaborate with Rihanna?

LOL. That one is my dream, and hopefully, along the way, it’s going to happen.

Why Rihanna?

I like her music; her music is great, her voice as well. So I’m thinking of how she would sound on Amapiano. I think it would be something that nobody would think of and might be the biggest thing to happen.

Any advice for upcoming artists?

Never give up on yourself; hard work pays off because it is not possible to not work and expect good things to come to you.

As he embraces the Amapiano wave, collaborating with prominent artists and crafting hits that resonate globally, S’tukzin Da Djay exemplifies the spirit of innovation and adaptation that drives the music industry forward. With an upcoming EP and dreams of collaborating with icons like Rihanna, his determination and passion serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists. As we groove to the infectious beats of ‘Ispharaphara,’ we eagerly await the exciting chapters that lie ahead for this talented artist.

STREAM & DOWNLOAD “Ispharaphara,” HERE.


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