Mandla & Matenas Wa Di Yobisi

Mandla and Matenas met in 2021 at school and became good friends due to their shared love of Bacardi music. Fascinated by Mandla’s dance moves, Marthinus decided to mimic Mandla whenever he danced. Finding it funny by seeing a white boy dancing to Bacardi, Mandla decided to record a video encouraging Marthinus to dance.

The first video posted on his social media accounts lead to people demanding more videos from them. The second video recorded of Marthinus by Mandla while they were at school started trending and taking social media by storm, this is where the name “Matenas” came from.

Due to their love of Bacardi, Marthinus and Mandla did a video requesting Vusi Ma R5 & Enny Man Da Guitar to join them on the original “Matenase” song.

We got a moment to chat with Matenas and their manager, Mothusi:

Where do you guys come from?

Matenas: Pretoria North

Mothusi: Mabopane

How did you and Mandla become friends?

Matenas: We met at school and we started making videos.

We also saw that we shared the same love for Bacardi music so we became friends from then on.

How did you guys get to record your 1st song?

Mothusi: I saw them trending on TikTok so I was like we have to find these guys and get them into the studio with R5. One of my friends made the beat and we got Mandla and Matenas on the vocals and it was a hit. We recorded the song at Tribal Records studios. Shout out to Enny Man Da Guitar who helped put everything together also.

What do you guys think Bacardi will do to the industry?

Mothusi: To correct people, Bacardi has always been around before Amapiano and Gqom. There are people in the industry that have been doing Bacardi for over 13 years. There are people we call Bacardi legends.

We are trying to revive Bacardi onto the mainstream, but it has always been there.

We want to put it back on the radio to even compete or play alongside Amapiano.

In the near future, we would like to have a big event; Bacardi vs Amapiano on a large scale.

Matenas and Mandla’s friendship is seen as hope for South Africans really uniting together as the rainbow nation we are, how do you feel about that?

Matenas: You know my parents have always told me to follow my dreams, especially my dad, so I am going to do just that. We live in a beautiful country and we should all work together in black and white to make our dreams come true.

If I can unite South Africans through music then I will be happy.

What do you think of the Amapiano scene right now?

Matenas: I listen to Amapiano but I love Bacardi. The Amapiano scene is on hot right now. I listen to both genres of music but I’m more influenced and listen to Bacardi more.

Plans for the Future for Matenas?

Matenas: I would like to finish my studies because that is the priority right now.

But also want to record more Bacardi songs hopefully have an album and also perform.

There is a girl out there that is being called Matenas’ girlfriend, do you know her?

Matenas: Yes, I know her and I’ve seen the videos but that is not my girlfriend (laughing).

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