Thama Tee’s Remarkable Transformation: From ‘Khekheleza’ to ‘Bacardi 2.0’ and Beyond

Thama Tee’s Musical Odyssey Unveiled

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, Thama Tee’s musical odyssey unfolds. He began by producing soulful music and has now ventured into the world of Bacardi. Drawing inspiration from the olden days and his own unique experiences, Thama Tee has carved out his distinctive sound. From crafting tracks within the confines of his home studio to collaborating with industry titans like Focalistic, Thama Tee’s artistic journey is nothing short of remarkable. We had the privilege to sit down with him and explore his musical odyssey, recent triumphs, and the creative processes that have shaped his ascent to chart-topping success

1. Can you please tell us more about your music journey and how your feature on the ‘Khekheleza’ single with Focalistic came about?

Thama Tee: “I produced that track at home, then Foca called me for a session and now the single is a hit. We did feel like the single would be fire but we didn’t think it would push as far as it’s gone.”

2. How has the reception been from your fans and followers since the release?

Thama Tee: “The audience is nca, people love the track, they have been waiting for it so people are happy.”

3. Not only did ‘Khekheleza’ make waves, but also your recent drop ‘Bacardi 2.0’, tells us about the creative process behind this specific track.

Thama Tee: “‘Bacardi 2.0’ I can say it’s almost the same as ‘Khekheleza’, I produced it at my place and took close to 6 months to drop it because of the distributor and stuff. So we’ve been pushing it on Tik Tok but it didn’t via as it was supposed to [now].”

4. How did you get on the sound of Amapiano and Bacardi? Was it always the plan?

Thama Tee: “I was always listening to ‘Isgija’, I’m sure a lot of you know it, the Mellow & Sleazy sound, and thought let me try this and see what I can gather so that’s how the rhythm of Bacardi came about.”

Bacardi 2.0
5. Producing a song has its own techniques and strategies, so how do you approach producing singles like ‘Bacardi 2.0’?

Thama Tee: “All I can say is, I fuse old songs from different genres like R&B and Kwaito from artists like Mzekezeke, etc. I listen to them and I find my elements there. If you listen to ‘Khekheleza’ it’s soulful.”

6. How do you choose the artists you want to work with?

Thama Tee: “How I choose is, I create a beat having an idea on who is going to hop on the song. Then I hit them up, send them the beats and they record and send it back, then it’s a fire track! Or we just do a studio session.”

7. Looking ahead, do you have any future projects that we can expect from you?

Thama Tee: “I’m sure you know the single that’s trending on Tik Tok ‘Kwaze Kwamnandi Ebsuku’, I will be dropping that song very soon. But I am still not sure which date that will be. I will be dropping singles followed by an EP later on in the year, some good and nice R&B (Rhytmn & Bacardi) soul music.”

As we conclude our conversation with Thama Tee, his musical journey continues to inspire and captivate. With each note, he brings to life a unique blend of influences and experiences. Forging a path that resonates with music enthusiasts across the spectrum. Don’t miss out on experiencing his latest masterpiece. Stream his newest song today and be a part of the evolution.

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