Mellow & Sleazy x SjavasDaDeejay Release Captivating Amapiano Single ‘Imnandi Lento’ featuring Tman Xpress & TitoM

Renowned Amapiano artists Mellow & Sleazy, in collaboration with SjavasDaDeejay, captivate music enthusiasts once again with their latest hit single titled Imnandi Lento‘. The single features the extraordinary vocal talents of Tman Xpress and the music producer TitoM. Following the massive success of their previous chart-topping release, ‘Kwelinye’, this new track promises to deliver a fresh blend of emotions and musical brilliance that fans have come to expect from this dynamic group of artists.

Imnandi lento

Tman Xpress, the vocal powerhouse behind ‘Imnandi Lento’, shared his thoughts on the collaboration. “The collaboration no longer needs inspiration between me and the gents, it is now automatic. We are in sync. We understand the type of emotions we need to instil in our songs to satisfy the audience in a much more meaningful way. As a collective we have created a demand for such songs, so when we decide to collaborate, we already know how to approach it.”

The uniqueness of ‘Imnandi Lento’ lies in its ability to fuse a familiar sound with a fresh concept. Tman Xpress further explained, “The only thing that is different is the concept; however, the sound still has our signature combination. This consists of those spiritual elements and an emotional chord progression, making it easy for me as a songwriter to convey a message we all can relate to as an audience. The message speaks about the song itself and how good it is. It also explains how it makes me feel, how it heals me, and what I had gone through in the process. I know that anyone who listens to the song will immediately relate.”

Collaborating artists Mellow & Sleazy, SjavasDaDeejay, Tman Xpress, and TitoM share a unified vision of creating music that resonates deeply and makes a significant impact. “We have a synchronized pattern of understanding, and we share the same vision of making music that makes a difference,” added Tman Xpress.

‘Imnandi Lento’ is set to take the Amapiano music scene by storm, infusing a blend of emotions and musical craftsmanship that’s become synonymous with the collective talents of Mellow & Sleazy, SjavasDaDeejay, Tman Xpress, and TitoM.

For a musical experience that speaks to the soul and transports listeners to a realm of emotions, ‘Imnandi Lento’ is the latest track to watch out for. The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, allowing fans to immerse themselves in its evocative melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.


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