In a surprising twist that resonated beyond the political spectrum, Julius Malema, the influential leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), recently shared his admiration for Amapiano vocalist Zee Nxumalo by spotlighting the collaborative track ‘Funk 55.’ The tweet featured a screenshot of the song, accompanied by the caption, “There’s just something about her voice.”

‘Funk 55,’ a pulsating Amapiano anthem, showcases the musical prowess of Shakes & Les, DBN Gogo, Zee Nxumalo, Chley, and Ceeka. The lyrics, which include the lines “Asi hambe ngale msotra, Si yo dlala iRosmoda, Si hambe nabo Sotra,” provide a cultural narrative. Essentially translating to an invitation to journey to Soweto, one of South Africa’s largest townships. The mention of “Rossimoda” hints at a distinct fashion choice associated with the hood. Inviting the audience to envision a vibrant and authentic South African experience.

Let’s break down the translation of the lyrics:

1.”Asi hambe ngale msotra, Si yo dlala iRosmoda, Si hambe nabo Sotra”

Translation: “Let’s go to Soweto, we’re wearing Rossimoda, we are rolling with the Sowetans.”

Meaning: This line invites listeners to join in a journey to Soweto, the iconic township in South Africa. It paints a picture of a lively atmosphere. With the mention of the fashion choice “Rossimoda” associated with the local township culture.

2. “Ace of Spade anginayo, Moet, anginayo, Heinke, Shayi heinke”

Translation: “I don’t have Ace of Spades, I don’t have Moet, I’m drinking Heineken, pour me some Heineken.”

Meaning: This segment gives a glimpse into a night out, expressing the unavailability of high-end drinks like Ace of Spades and Moet. Instead, the preference is for the more accessible Heineken, embracing a relatable and down-to-earth vibe.

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Malema’s tweet, showcasing his appreciation for ‘Funk 55,’ bridges the gap between politics and music. Revealing a side of the EFF leader that goes beyond his public persona. This unexpected endorsement not only elevates Zee Nxumalo’s profile within the Amapiano genre but also highlights the universal appeal of music that transcends political boundaries.

As ‘Funk 55’ continues to captivate audiences with its infectious beats and rich storytelling, Malema’s nod amplifies the song’s impact. The intersection of politics and music takes center stage, offering a refreshing perspective on shared interests that unite individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Stream ‘Funk 55’ HERE

In essence, Julius Malema’s acknowledgment of Zee Nxumalo’s Amapiano prowess through ‘Funk 55’ not only adds a layer of complexity to the political figure’s public image but also celebrates the cultural richness embedded in South African music. Making this unexpected musical connection a conversation starter across various communities.

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